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So, I’ve been a bit off my running schedule lately and I needed some motivation to get back with it. I started looking at fall races and found a couple of 10K races I may sign up for. I also wanted a running workout to get my butt back out there. I decided to try another interval workout since I really enjoyed the last once. Here is what I came up with.

At the end of mile 3 I also added on 20 crunches and 10 bicycles per side repeated twice, downward dog stretch with 20 cross body high knees (my totally made up name), and a nice pidgin stretch for each side.

Every time I finish a workout like this I feel like I have accomplished so much and I love it.

I followed my workout by trying this Crookneck Squash Frittata recipe from Alton Brown. Mmm, I’m feeling back on track.

Well, sometimes it happens. In week three of my rescue mission I lost no weight. I also gained none so I see that as a positive. I also enjoyed the 4th of July and indulged so I think I earned my results.

Here is how my week looked.

Day Calories Exercise Net Calories
Friday, July 29 1643 Rest Day 1643
Saturday, July 30 1644 40 Minute Hike/20 Minute Run – 472 Calories 1172
Sunday, July 1 1198 Rest 1198
Monday, July 2 1465 35 Minute Run -321 Calories 1144
Tuesday, July 3 1220 Rest 1220
Wednesday, July 4 1802 Walk – 67 Calories 1735
Thursday, July 5 1674 90 Minute Hike -652 Calories 1022

Not terrible, not great but I feel fine about it. I’m also at the weight it says on my driver’s license. Not a bad place to be.


Okay people, I have a confession. I TRY really hard to be organized and on top of it but sometimes I fail and my unorganized, tripping over my own feet, true self comes out. Earlier this week I totally had one of those days. I did manage to get out of the house on time with most of the essentials for an after work run (shirt, shorts, sports bra, sock and shoes) which is a miracle that does not always happen, but I managed to forget my arm band, headphones, headband and hair tie. On some days this would be enough to derail me but I stuck it out, pieced it together and ended up with a solid sweaty workout that I thought I’d share.

First of all I had this mishmash of hair accessories in my purse so yay!

And, I turns out I had a spare pair of ear buds in the car! Sweet! So I decided to shove my phone in my bra and get out there for a run and break it up with some strength training interval moves every mile. I ended up doing a little over three miles which meant four interval breaks. I basically took the Runner’s World 7 minute strength training warm up plan and interspersed it for most of the interval breaks. It ended up looking like this:

  Reverse Lunge Single-Leg Hops Single Leg Reach Plank with Alternating Leg Lift Y Squat
Start 12 per side 5 per side 12 per side 5 per side 12
Mile 1 12 per side   12 per side

5 per side

Mile 2 12 per side   12 per side 5 per side 12
  Crunches Bicycles Plank with Alternating Leg Lifts Downward Dog with Alternating Leg Crunch Pigeon Pose
Mile 3 30 20 per side 5 per side 10 per side 1 per side

You probably noticed that I skipped out on the single-leg hops at miles one and two. That was for two reasons. First, I kind of hate them and secondly the ankle I previously hurt didn’t feel strong while doing the first set and I didn’t want to skip out on the rest of my workout because of it. I also choose to mix up the interval at mile 3 with a focus on core and stretching. Man, pigeon at the end of a run always feels amazing!

Also, since I was such a mess when I went to do this I wrote myself a cheat sheet on my hand… I know, very Junior High of me. Oh, well it got the job done.

I felt sweaty and tired at the end of my workout but surprisingly good the next morning. I’ll have to try this again.


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