Image From hey runner girl tumblr

So, clearly there are some real problems that runners face when it come to their feet. Runner’s World does a great job out outlining the possible injuries and treatments in their Foot Notes article from a few years ago. But, we all know there are also some problems that have a bit more to do with vanity when it comes to running, especially now that we are officially enjoying summer shoe season. So, how do you deal with the black toe nails, blisters, and calluses that you earn while logging miles?

Some of my favorites are of course a pedicure with someone who understands that runner’s feet are specials and calluses cannot be removed all at once. That my friends is how blisters come to be. I’m also a fan of nail polish shades that will cover any dark toe nails like Lillibet’s Jubilee from Butter London. And thrifty me loves the at home mani/pedi and my favorite two foot products are from Butter London: Rock Off and Stiletto Stick.