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So, I got back to work yesterday and everyone wanted to know what I did on my five day weekend. Yes, I took a five day weekend and it was… well, it was awesome but at first I didn’t know what to say in my answer. I didn’t go out of town, or throw any parties. Basically, I had an epic hangout session with the dog.

It is actually surprising that I really haven’t mentioned my dog on here before. Her name is Rella, she is a four year old pit bull and she loves nothing more than sleeping under the covers right next to me. She is actually my boyfriend’s dog, but since he says that she loves me more than air and the feeling is mutual I’ll go ahead and claim her.

During our epic hangout session we slept in a lot, watched movies, played Frisbee, went on several hikes and a nice walk. This is her on Flattop.

She apparently hates getting is picture taken so here is the view from the top of the hike instead.

Rella and I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen which is a little odd since I’m not the chef in the house. I guess since the BF was working and is now out of town being forced to fend for ourselves was a good thing and we made:

Granola Bars (totally rice free yay!)

This is an adaptation from one of the recipes at Fannetastic Food. I’ve made several from there and they have all been awesome.

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies (in the shape of salmon)

Kiwi Lime Sorbet – sorry no photo but it is totally delicious.

Green enchiladas – sorry no photo

And Mayan Hot Chocolate Cupcakes – these are a combination of this chocolate cupcake recipe (just the basic cupcakes not the extra chocolate stuff) with the spices and frosting from here.

I should thank Rella for hanging out and going hiking with me. Having a dog to take was honestly the only reason I was willing to go by myself in the middle of the week.

On Saturday we were blessed with another beautiful day here in South Central Alaska and after spending the morning cleaning the apartment I moved out of I really felt the need to enjoy the day. After some begging and pleading on my end, yes seriously, my boyfriend agreed to go hiking with me. We compromised on McHugh Creek about 10 minutes south of Anchorage. The hike is pretty easy but has some beautiful views.

The trail starts off wooded with some wild flowers making a colorful appearance.

It then crosses the creek and really starts heading up hill

As you climb higher you start to get glimpses of the views to come.

And then there is a short little turn off that lets you see this.

And this…

After that, the terrain starts to change and you start to get a feel for what the mountain goats in the area live on every day,

and you are met with these views.

We hiked about 40 minutes round trip. We could have gone farther down the trail but to be honest I got worried about running into a bear since there were less and less people around. For real people, it happens.

I rounded out the day with a 20 minute run when we got home and some well deserved reading in the sun before dinner.

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