So, I’ve been a bit off my running schedule lately and I needed some motivation to get back with it. I started looking at fall races and found a couple of 10K races I may sign up for. I also wanted a running workout to get my butt back out there. I decided to try another interval workout since I really enjoyed the last once. Here is what I came up with.

At the end of mile 3 I also added on 20 crunches and 10 bicycles per side repeated twice, downward dog stretch with 20 cross body high knees (my totally made up name), and a nice pidgin stretch for each side.

Every time I finish a workout like this I feel like I have accomplished so much and I love it.

I followed my workout by trying this Crookneck Squash Frittata recipe from Alton Brown. Mmm, I’m feeling back on track.