I would like to claim that I was naturally driven to run for the sheer joy of it but that would be an outright lie.  While I now enjoy the peace I find in my head while running my reason for starting was totally different. Looking back, I apparently have a pretty strong “oh yeah, I’ll show you” side.

Two years ago, after starting to play soccer again, I found myself in physical therapy for an ankle injury. After an examination the well intentioned PT said “I think you’re just not in shape.” To which I immediately replied some version of “Whaaat, excuse me!?! I go the group power at least twice a week, and spinning twice a week, and I play soccer at least twice a week. I’m in shape.” He clarified “I mean you aren’t in shape enough for soccer.” Basically, strength training and spinning are all well and good but neither are high impact activities. If I expected to play soccer (high impact) I needed to train for it and just playing soccer wasn’t going to get me there. Honestly, it took a little while for that message to sink in and I walked out in a bit of a huff. Fortunately I ended up taking it to heart.

Long story short I jumped back into running. Well, actually jumped in, quit and then started with this couch to 5K plan and worked up from there. My “oh yeah, I’ll show you” side really kicked in that next summer when I ran my first ever race, the Skinny Raven Twilight 12K. I rocked it… well, for me anyway. That night I hit the six mile mark in the time it would normally have taken me to run five miles. I also ran in two more races that summer and so far, I’m on track to run at least that many this year including the 12K coming up sooner than I would like.