From the i-am-stronger tumbler via Pinterest

It happens when you least expect it. On the days you set out just to go out and be healthy and clear you mind after a long day at work with no real expectations. Somewhere along the trail you find your stride, your head clears and those hills feel like nothing. The perfect run.

It happened to me on Tuesday after work. It had been raining all day and then at about 3:30 pm the clouds parted and a bright blue sky decided to grace Anchorage with its presence for the afternoon and evening. It was a lovely 60 degrees and perfect for an after work run. I decided to skip out on the treadmill mile repeats I had planned and try out a new loop from work. I didn’t even know exactly how far it would be but I wanted to run the end of the Twilight 12K race route starting and finishing at work. Turns out, this is exactly 3 miles and the endless hill that is the last half mile of the 12K, well it isn’t that bad when it is in the middle of a three mile run. My legs felt surprisingly strong and even though I set out without a pace in mind I held a decent midrange pace about a minute per mile faster then what I did in the 5 miler on Saturday.

When I finished my run, looked at my splits and remembered how easy even the dreaded hill had felt today I couldn’t help but smile. I felt completely redeemed from my slow time at the Mayor’s Marathon 5 miler and I even felt past the hatred I had for the dreaded hill. It was just what I needed. The perfect run.